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The year 2017 is almost done, it surprises me every year how quickly time flies. In May 2015 I graduated, travelled the world for a few months and once back home there was no other way around it: I had to start looking for my first ‘real’ job. It wasn’t long before I found Calco and I quickly realised: I want to work here! Luckily this feeling was mutual and meanwhile I am already happily working at Calco for two years. You might be wondering what exactly makes Calco so special as a company and as an employer. This blog will hopefully answer your questions!

An exciting, new challenge

Now before I start, it might help to explain to you that my career at Calco happened somewhat differently than for most trainees. However, the way it happened is a really good example of why I like Calco as an employer. Two years ago, after having finished my bachelor Corporate Communication, I started the IT Traineeship: the Calco MasterClass. This traineeship starts with a two-month training period in which you learn all the IT basics, followed by a 22-month long assignment at a client. During the training period I was approached with the question whether I wanted to work for Calco internally (hereby I mean to work for Calco itself, instead of at a client) at the marketing & communication department. This wasn’t really why I came to Calco in the first place, but I was so enthusiastic about the people, the atmosphere and the company during my first few weeks that I was very excited to accept this new challenge. For me, this is a sign that Calco really looks at who you are as a person, and where (or in which function) you fit in best.

Once back home there was no other way around it: I had to start looking for my first 'real' job. It wasn't long before I found Calco and I quickly realised that I wanted to work here!

A good atmosphere

Another reason I like Calco so much is the good atmosphere in the office. Calco is an energetic company with young, motivated people who are willing to learn and improve themselves. You can still feel this mentality once you’ve been placed at your assignment.The monthly field meetings that trainees have with their field manager from Calco are a good example of this. He/she will pay you a monthly visit at the client you are assigned at, and help you with any personal or professional needs.

Unlimited development possibilities

As part of the office staff, you will follow the Management Development Program, which consists of several trainings in communication skills. Additionally, both trainees and office staff can make use of the unlimited training opportunities that Calco offers. I am currently following a course in Conversion Rate Optimalisation, in order to improve our website and social media channels.

If you ask me, what makes Calco a really good employer is the energetic atmosphere, personal attention and continuous focus on growth and development . If this sounds like something you are looking for in your career, I advise you to come and meet us during an Inhouseday or ‘open borrel’. I am very curious to hear about your experiences. Should you have any other questions about Calco as a company or employer, you can always reach me on LinkedIn!  

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